13 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas for Budget-Savvy Students

on September 14, 2015

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Deck the (Residence) Halls!

Going all out for dorm decorations does not have to mean breaking the bank along the way. Instead of buying expensive organizers, wall decor, and knick knacks that'll most likely be thrown out within four years (or even by the end of one year), crafting your own dorm decor is cheaper, just as cute, and a lot more fun.

Trust us-you want to save now rather than end up with lots of useless junk and an empty bank account. Try out this year's latest DIYs to pimp your dorm!

Jen at I Heart Organizing

Desk Drawer Organizers

College life is hectic-especially in the dorms. We present the solution with these DIY desk drawer organizers, made out of fun wrapping paper and repurposed cereal boxes. They're easy to make and can be made to fit any type of drawer, to organize everything from makeup to school supplies to jewelry. Get the instructions here.

Maxwell Tielman

Washi Tape Picture Frames

One huge factor of moving into a dorm is consolidating for an easy move-in and -out. Rather than buying bulky wall frames that take up a ton of space and attention, try easy DIY washi tape frames. You can decorate just about anything with the stuff, and peel it off when you're sick of looking at it. We suggest you invest in some. Get the inspiration here.

Bailey at Let Birds Fly

Yarn Wrapped Letters

Monograms are totally in right now, whether it is your initials, your Greek letters, or what have you. These yarn-wrapped letters add a bit of rustic flair to your walls (and definitely look like Anthropologie, right?). Customize your half of the room with this tutorial. Find it here.

Grey Likes Nesting

DIY Marquee Lights

Letters, letters, more letters! Another hot item for dorm-styling are marquee lights, but do NOT go out and spend thirty plus bucks per letter when you can easily make your own. This craft is just cardboard, paint, and string lights. It's well worth an afternoon of DIY. Learn how here.

My Sister's Suitcase

Hexagon Wall Design

Geometric wall designs are also super stylish this year. These are just wooden hexagons painted and arranged to fill up wall space, but they look stunning. Rather than spending all your dough on wall art, find some scrap plywood, foam board or cardboard, and get to painting. Get the inspiration here.

Tara Bellucci | Apartment Therapy

Twine Planters

If you decide to opt against washi tape, at least go for, twine because you can use it in just as many ways. This craft basically requires a can, glue, and twine (which hint, hint...you can get more than just brown twine). Make these planters for a little dorm room greenery, or use these to hold virtually anything you want from pens to fake flowers. Get the instructions here.

Abernathy Crafts

Embroidery Hoop Wall Pocket

Rather than a normal cork board, you can make these adorable embroidery hoop pockets to pin reminders and hold all your odds-and-ends. While this version just offers up pockets, you can also back them with cork board for a two-in-one DIY. Learn how here.

Visibly Moved

Rustic Jewelry Hanger

This one is absolutely Instagram-worthy and will make everyone on your floor jealous. All you need is scrap wood (like old fence wood, drift wood, pallet wood...keep your eyes peeled), some antique dresser knobs, and a screwdriver, and you're in business! This jewelry hanger is the perfect way to keep your necklaces and bracelets organized. Learn how here.

Sarah Hearts

Pom Pom Push Pins

Here's another Anthro-inspired craft that won't kill trees (money trees...get it?). Get some fun, colorful yarn, cheap push pins, and glue to fashion these adorable custom pins that can spruce up any plain bulleting board. Who knew decorating could be so simple? Learn how here.

Jamie from C.R.A.F.T.

State Map Cut Out

There's no place like home...even if you're at college in your home state. This state cutout allows you to mark your hometown with delicate embroidery to commemorate where you grew up. If embroidery isn't your thing, try using a push pin or sharpie to designate your town or city. Show off that state pride and learn how to craft this piece of wall art with the instructions here.

Annie Kubena | Brit + Co

Clip-On Desk Organizers

This DIY craft is a super space saver and looks amazing! Rather than buying desk organizing materials, you can repurpose tins and cans with a bit of paint and some clips to make clip-on organizers. You can even make one that hangs off the side of your bed for your phone, tissues, glasses, etc. as an easy alternative "bedside table." Get the instructions here.

A Beautiful Mess

Macrame Curtain

Fringe macrame wall art is also hot off the market for this year's dorm decor (*cough cough* Urban Outfitters). Rather than spending around $50 or more to buy a ready-made macrame curtain, you can totally make your own for a bohemian twist on your dorm room decor. Check it out here.

Jamie Lauren Photography | Style Me Pretty

Inspirational Pinboard

Last, but certainly not least, this DIY adds extra personal flair to your desk space. Instead of buying overpriced wall-art, you can make your own collage-style pin board for your latest inspiration. Mix and match magazine clippings, print-outs, textured fabrics and pins on an old cork board. Get the instructions here.

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