Mid-Year Money Checkup

on June 30, 2013

Check Credit Report

Financial health often depends on the health of a credit report. Having problems on that report can lead to all sorts of issues if an individual wants to make a significant purchase of something like a home or vehicle.


Work Contributions

Check your 401k contributions. Could you increase the amount?



Check your contribution levels on investments.


Savings Goal

Make sure that those savings goals are on track. After considering the amount of available disposable income, it might be worth bumping up the savings numbers if possible.


Correct W4

Getting a giant tax refund might seem like fun, but it’s just Uncle Sam’s way of having interest-free access to a taxpayer’s funds for most of the year.


Next 6 Months

Refining your plan made at the beginning of the year with new numbers and figures entered into the ledger, helps to keep efforts for saving money on track.

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