Savvy Traveler’s Guide to Riding the Megabus

on October 1, 2015


Thrifty Travelers: Listen Up!

Want to travel the country, but working within a tight budget? The Megabus is a great way to travel affordably with services available in the U.S., Europe and Canada. Here are a few insider tips to turn you into an expert rider-and save you some mega-bucks in the process.


The $1 Ticket

Megabus often advertises fares as low as $1 to some destinations. The trick to scoring these ultra-cheap tickets? Follow Megabus on social media. Every few months, they'll announce a new travel schedule, and if you book far enough in advance, you could be saying hello to some extra low fares.


Be flexible.

There can be a big difference in fares between one day and the next. The weekends, for example, tend to be more expensive. If you have flexible travel plans, try searching for options one or two days before and after your initial planned dates. You might be saving some extra green in doing so.


Time is money.

Another way to save on Megabus tickets? Taking the times less traveled. Late-night bus departures are often a hassle for most travelers, so they end up being less expensive. If you're willing to sacrifice some shut-eye for some savings, this is a great option.


Change it up.

Another bonus? You can change your Megabus reservations for a mere $2.50. So if you happen to grab one of those $1 tickets and plans change, fear not! You'll still be getting a steal and your desired travel itinerary.


Map it out.

One of the ways that Megabus saves money is by not having actual bus stations: buses can depart anywhere from gas stations to busy intersections. When you receive your confirmation number, be sure to familiarize yourself with the pickup location, or you could miss your ride completely.


Be prepared.

Megabus won't issue you actual tickets, so be sure to print off the confirmation number that will serve as your boarding pass. The bus will only stop every few hours, so make sure that you bring drinks and snacks, especially if you've got a long trip. Any other travel comforts, such as neck pillows, a blanket and earbuds will help make your experience a better one.


Mind your luggage!

Megabus currently allows you one large bag to be stored underneath the bus and one carry-on item. Check their website for the most up-to-date baggage policies so that you're not stuck with extra baggage on the day of travel.


Show up early.

Most buses depart right on time, so be sure to show up at least 15 minutes early so you don't miss yours. However, if you want to get the best luggage space and seats, plan to show up about 30-45 minutes early. You'll thank yourself later.


Plug in.

Be sure to bring chargers for all your electronics, as the Megabus has outlets for every pair of seats. Most buses also tout on-board wifi, but customers have complained about unreliability, so don't count on having a consistent connection.


Sit pretty.

If you're traveling in a group or feeling social, the bottom level of the bus offers group seating of 3-4 and is typically more chatty than the upper deck. Solo travelers or those trying to catch some shut-eye may prefer the upper level. Some rides offer reserved seating ahead of time, occasionally even offering seats with tables.


Enjoy the ride!

Megabus is a great way to travel across the country, save money on gas or plane tickets, and maybe even meet some new friends. Where will your Megabus adventure take you?

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